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Our Mission

The mission and philosophy of C and G Janitorial are centered in providing the best possible services to our customers and ensuring that all of our customers enjoy complete satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

At C and G Janitorial, we value each and every customer. As a company we are sincerely dedicated to ensuring that every customer is completely satisfied with our services. It is our goal to get to know our customers on a personal and professional level so that we can ascertain their needs so that we can better serve them. We are proud of the work we do and that pride is reflected in the quality we provide our customers. We do not stop at meeting the expectations of our customers; it is our hope to exceed them with every encounter.

The Best Possible Service

C and G Janitorial has a level of commitment to our customers that is boundless and with each cleaning we seek to improve the custom services we offer. To accomplish this task we have created daily quality control programs to monitor the job we perform and always seek avenues for improvement. Part of these programs include conducting intensive on-site inspections, sending out customer satisfaction surveys, and providing our experienced staff with continuing cleaning education. We encourage all of our customers to provide us with their feedback and input so that we can better serve their needs and give them the best possible service.

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