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    Commercial Cleaning

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    Your business looking its best

    Floor Maintenance

    Prolong the life of your
    Carpeting and flooring
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    Apartment Cleaning

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    Fast turnaround, great for
    Business owners

    Construction & Event

    We provide post-construction and
    Event cleanups, giving everyone
    Fast turnarounds to go again

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    Thomas ONeal

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    Best Cleaning Service around,
    Fast, Professional and
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    President of allyIT

    Best Cleaning Service around,
    Fast, Professional and
    It didn't hurt my pocket

    Kevin Richards

    President of PCS OnCall

    Best Cleaning Service around,
    Fast, Professional and
    It didn't hurt my pocket

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Let our Experienced team at C & G Janitorial Cleaning Service provide you with only the best Cleaning Service around.

C & G Janitorial is a full-service commercial janitorial company that is conveniently based out of the city of Jonesboro in Northeast Arkansas. At C & G, we specialize in providing businesses, schools, medical institutions, and manufacturing facilities with custom professional cleaning services.

  • Appearances Are Everything
  • Going Green: Environmentally Friendly
  • Building Relationships

Whether you need a general cleaning solution, or something special like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, or floor cleaning and/or refurbishing, we do it all at C & G Janitorial!

At C & G Janitorial, we value each and every customer. As a company we are sincerely dedicated to ensuring that every customer is completely satisfied with our services.
C & G Janitorial has a level of commitment to our customers that is boundless and with each cleaning we seek to improve the custom services we offer. To accomplish this task we have created daily quality control programs to monitor the job we perform and always seek avenues for improvement.
Going green is no longer an option. We feel that it is our personal responsibility to only use products and engage in practices that are environmentally safe.

Services We Provide

Floor Maintenance

One of the most expensive costs associated with your building is the flooring. By contracting C & G Janitorial to take care of your floors on a regular basis, you will be able to avoid the exorbitant cost of replacement for many years. Plus, in addition to prolonging the life of your carpeting and flooring, your customers and clientele will be dazzled by the cleanliness of your floors.

Regular Commercial Cleaning Service

At C & G Janitorial, we customize a cleaning solution for every customer based upon the unique needs and challenges of each particular business and location. We take the time to get to know our customers and identify and understand their needs and expectations. We send out our team of professional commercial cleaners to your business to handle your cleaning, follow up afterwards to ensure everything is done correctly, and resolve any problems we encounter along the way.

Post Construction and Event Clean Up

C & G Janitorial also provides post-construction cleaning solutions. Our high-quality cleaning services and quick turnaround will impress your tenants and ensure that your units are always ready for reoccupation as soon as possible. Whether you are preparing office space for lease or upgrading your office or even an entire building, the commercial cleaning professionals at C & G janitorial will allow you to rest easy knowing that the job is being done quickly and efficiently.

Business Cleaning Service

Restaurants and Auto Dealerships will never be cleaner with a little help from C & G Janitorial. Removing grease build up from restaurant vents, floors and counters is no easy task, but once it is removed, maintaining a state of cleanliness is not nearly as difficult with a customized cleaning schedule from C & G.

School Janitorial Cleaning

Schools can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Therefore, they are oftentimes the most difficult assignment any commercial cleaning company can undertake. One sick student can impact hundreds of others if proper cleaning protocols and procedures are not followed. C & G Janitorial offers a consistent attention to detail that will ensure the health of your students are protected and that your building and school grounds will be looking their very best.

Apartment & Room Cleaning

After a tenant leaves, having a unit cleaned and ready to be leased is critical for apartment building owners. C & G Janitorial realizes the importance of fast turnaround, so we developed a systematic method which allows owners to reduce vacancies and lease their units faster. To expedite the process of getting your unit ready, C & G Janitorial will work with other maintenance crews and your leasing staff.

" As a family owned and locally operated business, we strive for our customers happiness. We work along side of our employees, to ensure that things are done to the suit the needs of each customer."

C & G Janitorial
Gene Chamberlain / President & CEO
C & G Janitorial
Amanda Greer / Operations Manager